is one of the top dogs,

someone who always has your back no matter what.
"my dog taylor, he's such a mishy"

"oh my god did you see mishy punch that guy in the neck because he wouldnt give my phone back?"
by cdoggy dog April 16, 2010
Top Definition
Mushy and horny at the same time.
Mishy examples would be:

"Your eyes stare right down deep into my heart, now put your cock down deep into my ass."


"I love you with every ounce of my soul, will you eat me?"


"I've never felt like this before, for, more to the left."
by Kate Charlton July 06, 2008
A girl who's eyes put a spell on every boy's mind. Who's smile can melt a thousand hearts. Who's beauty is more blinding than the sun, yet it falls into nothingness compared to the beauty of her personality. So much kindness to give, so much love to share. Funny but all so serious. So strong, yet so fragile and sensitive. Like a flower so delicate, but only he who knows how to handle it with care can do its true beauty justice..
"That hot chick is a total Mishy"
" I love my girlfriend. She's such a mishy"
by busybee234 August 14, 2011
Slang for Michele, a lazy girl.
Mishy type 'ur' again, what a lazy bum!!
by TheAsianLegend July 07, 2013
To fail; to fail so hard that words cannot describe the amount of fail achieved.
OMG I just pulled a mishy!
by JJsadfsdfas August 24, 2010
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