Top Definition
a word to start a greeting or conversation
yo mirzai you cotchin leons tonight
na mans got me in the yard cant come.

mirzai whats happening
by mirker of the mirzai April 18, 2008
A greeting or a replacement of a name that starts a conversation
Matt: Yo 'Mirzai' you cotchin Leons tonight
Andy: Safe fam but my boyz will grill me unless I ice some mandem
Matt: are you sure blud?? Manz got bare green
Andy: Standard you must of spent mad cheddar on that but trust ill get tanged by Toby. Whats gwuanin tommorow bruv??
Matt: Chillerz in Dillerz with Tamia! Gonna be sik
Andy: 'Ite man save me some herb though yeah
Matt: Soon
by ChillerzinDillerz April 17, 2008
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