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ADD-suffering super sexy weirdo with the mentality of a six-year old.

—Synonyms 1. See uke
I have a Miru locked in my closet.
by fjsafjasklf;jakg;hakhg November 23, 2007
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An entity much like a computer virus, which resides in 'infected' individuals minds.
Christianity is a Mirus, it replicates and consumes resources.
by Coiner of Words November 15, 2005
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Reciprocal greeting proposed in the 2007 anthropological study "The Persistent Behavioural Abnormalities of Teenage Insomniacs"Pyhaw, 2007, relating to the international fettered yam epidemic. The benefits of inserting this artificial meme into youth subculture were said to be a detailed study of how customs spread among isolated communities, or those who choose alternate lifestyles. The spreading would be mapped, to observe the pattern of travel, and to test the hypothesis that memes spread along the same routes as conventional diseases like AIDS, such as close physical contact with an infected partner or fox. Unfortunately, both partners of the study fell into disrepute before their experiment could be completed.
Person one: Wassup (outdated meme!)
Person two: Aids of the meme (result: social disharmony)
Person one: Yo - Htty! (Pyhaw-proposed artificial meme)
Person two: Miru!
Both : Rofl (result: social harmony and yam for all)
by Pyhaw June 06, 2007
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