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Nobody knows who exactly this guy is, but we all know he is a complete freak. You will often see him most nights of the week out at the clubs hitting up the d-floor (next to a mirror). You cant help but to stare at his dancing style which consists of one move. The put your hand up with your index finger erect and shake it around while doing a slight crouch to the floor when a catchy beat comes on. Mirror man. WE SALUTE YOU!
WHOAAAA check out Mirror Man's new T! i've gotta get me one of those!
by 10MILK February 07, 2010
Mirror man - a dude who is too fat to see his own wang so said dude must use a mirror to find it.
what the crap!?! that fat guy is using a mirror to check up on his junk!!
by professor February 16, 2005
Coolest dude in the universe, he has a cool website called AmigaCam
Sheesj, MiRRoRMaN is the shit!
by Poepoog April 21, 2003

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