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Treat an individual as they treat you.


Act exactly as someone, as if you are mirroring someone in behavior.

+Positive: Treat a person well if they treat you well.

-Negative: Treat a person bad if they treat you bad.
"I usually use the Mirror Rule when meeting someone new. It gives me a better understanding to how they behave if I act the same as well." (Found in a short story by Levi Cameron Grenko)


Person one: "Would you like a free ticket to the concert tonight?"

Person two: "I would love one! I'll pick you up so you don't have to waste gas."


Person one: "I can see the Freshman 15 hit you pretty hard."

Person two: "I can see from your bruises your boyfriend has been hitting you pretty hard too."
by levaisproductions October 27, 2011