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She's got strawberry blond hair, A nice body, and gorgeous blue eyes. She's often misunderstood. She's a very sweet girl, and you should be friends with her, but if your not friends with her your not cool. And if you are your just plain awesome.
JASON: dude!!! guess what?

JAKE: yeahhh dudE?
JASON: jennifer looks like a total miranda right now!!!
by YOURBEEEEEF August 12, 2009
a person who will never have boobs and asks to many fucking questions and thinks everyone loves her.
by Hitler7 January 07, 2012
Usually blue eyes and brown hair. On the awkward side and very pessimistic. Mostly way too serious and complains a lot. Starts off with a lot of friends but looses them as her ''personal gain'' attitude pushes them away.
Don't be a Miranda.
by AnonymousPerson17 October 31, 2010
A girl who enjoys here shool work, but when not at school she relieves herself by stripping. Although not much money is made during the stripping process she does not care, she just keeps trucking.
Dude, your sister is a total Miranda.
by SUPERCOOLGRANGERKD February 19, 2010
Miranda should only be taken at night. Miranda should always be taken with alcohal, drugs, etc. Dont ask your doctor before taking Miranda, just take it.
Im on Miranda, want some?
by lalalallaMirr.. February 11, 2009
the lame way of spelling Maranda
Miranda is a total whore.

Maranda is freaking awesome.
by H.N.James. December 06, 2010
1) A girl of whom will tear your soul to shreds. One that will make you love, will make you trust, and will make you happy, than completely demolish it all.
2) A girl of whom gets utter excitement out of breaking a mans heart to pieces.
3) A girl of whom may seem perfect, then will show you her true side once she leaves you to die.
I completely fell for MIRANDA, but now I regret it.
by AletripleX June 11, 2009