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A creamy, minty drink made by June Drabble around St. Patrick's Day. Its almost the same as a Rocky Ralph but with crushed mint leaves on top. Its one of the most delicious things you could ever drink. So if you want a good Irish drink that will make your sweetie go looney, get yourself a Minty Juney! And remember, June Drabble said so!
June: Hey Beatrice, you want a Minty Juney?

Beatrice: Sure! I've never had one. What is it?

June: Its a great drink I make around St. Patrick's Day. Mint chocolate chip ice cream, Bailey's Irish Cream, and crushed mint leaves. (June makes one)

Beatrice: Wow! This is soo creamy! I'm gonna have to make it for the other guys.

June: Sure, it'll make you think you hung the moon.

Beatrice: Here you go, sweetie. This is to us! The Minty Juney rules! (they clink their glasses) Slainta!
by Dusty's Baby Powder May 23, 2012
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