A distant and more exotic cousin on the standard "Blow Job" where the giving partner gives the receiving partner oral sex with a peppermint, spearmint or any other type menthol candy in thier mouth. First coined by the staff at DavinciFox.com.
Guy 1: yo brosef, my girl is wicked sick and she gave me a blow job with a luden's cough drop in he mouth. Does that count as a mint job?

Guy 2: depends what flavor.

Guy 1: Honey.

Guy 2: Nah brotallica, that's just gross. When I take my girl to Chilis she grabs a handful of mints on the way out, then I catch a serious road minter.

Guy 1: Yeah, with bits of bacon and beef floating around in there cause I know she doesn't floss before going down on you brose'.
by Davinci Fox January 11, 2010

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