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A phrase used in Britain to denote the belief, by certain vested interest groups, that British society as a whole discriminates against minorities. These groups can represent ethnic, religious or other minorities or be just professional bleeding hearts but they all promote the same bullshit, namely, that an action taken by society against a member or members of a minority group automatically infringes their human rights. This has led to the ridiculous situation where members of various minorities get away with acts that would see a member of the largely silent majority jailed. This is due to greedy lawyers and waste of space organisations who mindlessly support these people often at huge cost to the British taxpayer.

Unfortunately minority pressure groups like Liberty, professional bleeding hearts and all the other wasters who are BVA have pressured politicians into the belief that this is a vote winner. In fact, if politicians merely gave the matter a few minutes thought (there's an oxymoron politician and thought) they would realise that they are placing the needs of a minority above those of the majority. Effectively they have been brainwashed into a Minority Mentality.
In a recent British court case, the judge allowed the defendant to wear a burka in court, despite the fact that there is no religious requirement in Islam for a woman to wear such a garment. Effectively British justice was forced to surrender to the Minority Mentality.
#bullshit #minority #majority #fuckwits #wasters #waste of space
by Croatalin March 15, 2014
When you form your judgement based on the minority of instances.
That guy has no idea, he suffers from minority mentality.
#minority #mentality #simple #mind #clueless
by Lenny Pepperidge February 24, 2014
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