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An individual who has obtained a menial to moderate education, but nevertheless acts as though he possesses superior intellectual ability. This individual will frequently ignore blatant evidence to the contrary. This trait is often exhibited by Minnesotans and relates to the high esteem in which they hold their state."
Example 1:

Louis: "Minnesota is the best state. I am so glad I don't live in Texas"

Richard: "Have you ever been to Texas?"

Louis: "No, but I heard it's awful."

Richard: "Minnesota is colder than a witch's tit half the year, and plagued with bugs and tornadoes the other half."

Louis: "Yeah, but people in Texas are stupid."

Richard: "Didn't you graduate from Saint Cloud State after being rejected from UT Austin?"

Louis: "So?"

Richard: "You are such a Minnesota intellectual. Leave the state for once."
by TruthMonger April 14, 2011

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