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A syndrome characterized by driving a mini-van recklessly, stemming from--and to compensate for--the shame of driving a mini-van (a direct relationship exists between the degree of “family orientation” to which the mini-van was engineered and the recklessness of the driver, and the mini-van can therefore be used as an indicator of potential road-hazard). Symptoms may include, but are not limited to: veering dangerously across highways, lack of turn signal use, speed limit disobedience, “baby on board” emblems, children’s sports logos, general disregard of the safety, or opinions, of others, and an all-around douchey disposition.

See also: Unnecessary, Oversized Truck Complex, Penis Envy
Josh: "I think Jeff might be developing a Mini-van Complex."
Brian: "Can you blame him? His wife has vanity plates on that thing."

Brian: "What's that guy's problem?"
Josh: "Mmmmmini-van!"
by Still Commaster March 27, 2011
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