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When you don't have the time to take off for a real honey moon, so instead you take a 3-4 day trip - therefore a Mini Moon

Man 1: When are you and your new bride going on your honey moon.

Man 2: Dude, we are so busy think we may do a few Mini moons instead.
by dchick671 January 12, 2012
To display/flash bare buttocks by a small in stature prankster.
I was the victim of a minimoon by a scrawny, bony assed, teenager today. I called the police but I could not describe his face.
by I gotta be me September 17, 2011
Short trip after a couple gets married in place of a full honeymoon.
My friends are taking a minimoon right after they get married. They are going on their actual honeymoon trip in a few months.
by clearedtoland April 13, 2009