1.A Mini-Van Driver is a person who drives a mini van also see the words fat mini-van driver, foreign driver
soccer mom
2. A person with no respect or care for the countless gallons of precious fuel sucked up by those gas hogs called mini-vans.
3. A driver classified in the most sited vehicle on the road today (next to the SUV or as i like to call the Jeep mini-van)
4. a driver classified as one of the most dangerous hazards on the roads today (almost above drunk drivers).
5. A member of a really big family, often a mother (often called a soccer mom)
ya My mom drives a mini-van
by MK March 20, 2005
Top Definition
usually a woman with a huge vagina
yo your mom is a mini van driver, wicked vaginal
by monski315 September 09, 2005
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