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a vagina, aka va-jay-jay, or a Britney, or what they use to call it in elementary school, a foo foo.
I took the meat out of your mini fridge this morning.


Whoever just moved out of your mini fridge left something rank.


Please remove the cheese from your mini fridge.
by Faulkner's Fish Taco May 17, 2009
a short person that is incredibly wide and takes up half a hall way
I was almost crushed by that mini fridge after lunch.
by The Prez March 17, 2007
For the kids of Farmingdale, the name used to refer to Mini Bridge (a place to socialize, drink, smoke, and party in the middle of the woods) during the winter.
Yo dude, where we goin' tonight?" "Let's hittup Mini Fridge? I hear sh*t's goin down!" "Alright, I'll get the beer.
by Mini Bridge Goer November 13, 2010
A conviently located window in karl's basement (Or any basement for that matter) used to keep beer cold.
Dylan: "grab me a beer from the mini fridge"
Karl: "the mini fridge?"
Dylan: "you know, the conviently located window in karl's basement used to keep beer cold."
by karl demmans February 21, 2009
a short, fat chick; someon who is too short for their weight; short and overweight.
man1: dayam! she's fine!
man2: i agree!
man1: whoah! she's not!
man2: yea, shes way too short for her weight! shes downright a mini-fridge!
by zot zot January 02, 2005
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