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Those who dress accordingly: polo shirt, khaki shorts, dockers, and glasses hanging from their neck by a fashionable glasses cord. Most are from southern states, such as: Georgia, North Carolina, Alabama, and Virginia. There home mecca is South Carolina. They are most commonly spotted around tailgating and frat houses.
Oh my gosh, check out that mini dad!

When I went to the beach you wouldn't believe how many mini dads I saw.
by Sav Fen August 30, 2010
noun. When you are an exact but slightly smaller replica of your father. Have the same habits such as farting, burping, uncontrollable sweating, and sweating in weirdass places like on the top of your nose. Thanks dad.
Katie: I can't stop sweating and my BO smells worse than the devil's asshole.
Mary: Katie, you know you're a straight up mini-dad. You should have expected it.
Katie: God dammit dad.
by shartsisters4life January 01, 2012
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