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A lethargic child whom is a slave to the beast.

The duff one.
Pokemon is their life support.
Bubble tea is their blood.
Has severe allergic reactions towards White people especially caucasian humans who posses blonde hair, have dysfunctional retardation in their hands, have scottish ancestry and who listen to Adele.
Exposed to too much Anime can cause them to go crazy every half hour.

Mingmin is a gorgeous Singaporean Asian who enjoys K-pop, is hilerious, hot and cause Russians to have boners.

Their hearts are made out of the mould on a dragons eyebrow and due to this, have amazing hair.
That asian was a Mingmin.

Im proud to be a Mingmin.

Holy shit Vladimir! That girl was a mingmin. Oh no...Give me the reducing penis pill.
by elu-hamu1 December 09, 2011

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