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You know you're from mine hill when..
You'd rather be hanging in dover
You went to Canfield
You hang out everyday on the ropeswing
You call it the mine hill BEACH not the mine hill lake
Dq is the place to be
You think bagels on the hill is the shitt!
You did mine hill soccer
You know all the good parties are in Dover
You skate and get high at the basketball courts
You're white
You either live in the flats or the heights no one cares about the middle
You're called a minehillian
You try too be black or ganstaa.. Or spanish?
You use Dover lingo
You ride bikes instead of driving
There's nothing to do.
No one has a clue where mine hill is.
Lets go to mine hill and chill!
Nahhh divers better.
by Minehillian August 28, 2010
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