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n. An abhorrently abrasive and base sexual act that consist of inserting a shaken bottle of any Miller product up the anus of a sexual partner just before climax. After the bottle is inserted and the bottles contents are emptied into the anus the perpetrator then quickly put's their mouth to the anus to drink the fount. It is the suggestion of the author that any person wishing to execute the Milwaukee Monsoon should:
a. Have a bottle of any miller product hidden out of sight, easy to access with out disturbing sexual intercourse, but open and ready to be shaken and then inserted once the time comes.
b. Smack the back side of the reciever to disguise the sound of the bottle being shaken while the thumb is placed in the mouth of the bottle.
c. Timing is everything!! Once the bottle's removed the beer will spray in a monsoon fashion and there is NO time to lose!!! Get your mouth down there as soon as the bottle has been removed.
"Dude, Can I have one of these MGD's for later.. I'm going to give what's her face a Milwaukee Monsoon!!"
#milwaukeee mud bath #milwaukee rainstorm #brewed and bottled by the butt #keg docking #the anheuiser shocker
by Jables McGrables November 04, 2006
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