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Boxer who starred randomly in the comedy sketch show Full Frontal. Was an expert in an extraordinary amount of sports, crafts and was a man of many talents. While some believe he is a fictional character he actually is real, and currently resides in Cameroon, teaching the tricks of his trade to young, eager students.

As well as all of this, he has accumalated a broad range of words and names for things used in the aforementioned trades he knows so well.
(Milo Kerrigan demonstrates Billiards and the techniques involved)

Narelle: "This chalk Milo, I'm wondering does it have a special name?"

Milo: "This chalk? OHH YEAH IT HAS A SPECIAL NAME. The name is........ coedayneesee.... coedayneesee... fofrydree."

(Milo demonstrating his forte in sport, boxing)

Phil: "This white powder Milo, it intrigues me. I was wondering if it has a special name?"

Milo: "Oh yeah. it's called.... takolmaytee... takolmaytee"
by Danforth_ June 28, 2006
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