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The Million Dollar Billionaires is an elite group of igorant educated muhfuckas who's sole purposes in life are to become million dollar billionaires and to ball outrageous. These young men are ballaholics who love the dough more than you know.

Established at the Boston Latin School in 2003 the founding father's of the Million Dollar Billionaires were Mo Money, Old Ass Man aka F.I.A, and Caesar Leo. The group was established while the ballaholics were posted in the home of Old Ass Man.

They live by the saying "We madd ignant yo!!!"

Current members include:
P-Cutta, Killa Cam, Dirty Jay, Black and Gigabyte.
If you want to be a part of the Million Dollar Billionaires (M$B) you gotta be ballin or have some chance of ballin eventually.

M$B wannabe:"Ay, ay yo you fittin to fuck wit dem million dollar billionaires?"

Hater:"Fuck naw, those niggas are corny as shit."

M$B wannabe:"Word to mother those million dollar niggas got solid gold underwear."

Hater:"Fuck those niggas, they aint got shit."

(Million Dollar Billionaires walk in and drop there pants.)

M$B:"We madd ignant yo!!!"

Hater:"Damn those niggas is ignant, but they do have gold underwear though."
by L Himself February 08, 2007

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