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Someone who insists on ejaculating on their food before consuming it.
Guy1 : Hold on, before i eat this burger i have to cover it in my own semen.
Guy2: ...
Guy3: Wow you're a total milker. fuck off
by Michaellla November 15, 2009
4 18
Noun / milk-r

A small container for milk. The origin of this word dates back to late 2013 in London, ON when a restaurant patron wanted the milk alternative to the small creamer containing cream for his decaffeinated coffee after dinner. Do you know chico?
"waitress! bring me a milker please!"
by do you know chico? September 14, 2013
55 2
female breasts
chew on my milkers!
by Tony Milkers March 09, 2004
61 52
1. a milking machine.
2. one who exploits others.
1. The dairy farm uses milkers only to milk cattle.
2. Shylocks are indubitably milkers.
by uttam maharjan October 29, 2011
3 16
A person of pale skin
That girl in the green hoodie is a milker.


I need a tan, i'm turning into a milker.
by the pipkin bear September 16, 2010
4 17
A sexually active woman that enjoys sex and taking the virginity of high school boys.
Tristan Connor is a total milker. Did you hear about Wash and Sayiid both losing their cherries to her?
by MagicManMike November 04, 2009
10 23
The humongous boobs of a pregnant woman that are filled with red cap yumminess!!
The pregnant chick in over there looks pretty thin for carrying twins but those milkers she has are AWESOME HUGE!!!
by UNDA COVA MUTHA February 13, 2009
3 16
the breast(s) of a female human being
Look at Callie, her left milker is hanging out of her bikini top
by austin su March 28, 2008
10 23