Probaly the best song on the album In Utero, very good guitar riff with a great chorus and awesome ending.
You scent is still here in my place of recovery!
by Matt F April 26, 2004
Top Definition
To get a bong going by sucking all the excess air in the tube out(milking out the air), thus bringing up the smoke through the water and handing the bong off to a friend right when you get the smoke to the mouth piece so they can inhale the marijuana smoke. Usually done for new poeple who cant inhale right for the bong. (usually needs to be done for taller bongs)
Yo jake let me milk this bong for you before you hit it. I had to Milk it for him cause it was his first time.
by descreet May 08, 2007
A song with strange quotes such as doll steak and test meat. Sometimes it feels like hes just bloating out random words but the song structure is still very good. Kurt Cobain is the best screamer out there.
Kurt's mind was deffinatly different from ours.
by York April 24, 2004
To make things more sleazy, make it sound more appealing, syrupy and believable.
"man i milked that essay so bad"

"u can always milk the excuse in front of a teacher"
by Alex H January 29, 2005
very good song by nirvana, ive heard it around 200 times and im still not sick of that sick guitar riff
this songs guitar riff is sooo sick
by Mann April 21, 2004
The scariest song of all time with an ingenious guitar riff and one hell of a chorus. This song is about you being isolated from the world and the world isolates you and that you don't need anyone else to help you do anything, you can live on your own and suicide would be the bright side to all of this.
I am my own parasite I don't need a host to live.
by tram April 16, 2004
A song with a haunting quote by the genious Kurt Cobain "look on the bright side is suicide". That quote gives me chills.
Look on the bright side is suicide
Lost eyesight im on your side
Angel left wing right wing broken wing
Lack of iron and or sleeping
by Alex K April 16, 2004

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