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Coined after Miley Cyrus
The opposite of the Midas Touch.

When someone is jinxed.

A person that lacks true talent or skills and makes what could have been or was a good thing bad.
When something is bad or broken and someone tries to fix it but fails.
My older brother tried to help me with my homework. With his Miley Touch, I still failed.
Myspace was bad and Justin Timberlake gave it the Miley Touch. It will never be good again.
My wife's cooking is so bad. I tried to cook one night , but my Miley Touch didn't help because it ended up burnt.
Her ex was so lousy in bed that he read the Kama Sutra. When he tried some new positions, his Miley Touch ended up giving him a broken penis.
by Jack Noph December 03, 2013
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