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A disease that cannot be avoided if you like Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana and you are over the age of 9. (Yeah, this applies to ANYONE in the double-digits age range. Anyone! Tweens be warned!)
Symptoms of Miley Destiny Hopelessness are falling to the bottom of the social ladder, bad tastes in music, bad acting tastes, bad fashion taste (unless you have a wardrobe stylist), being outcasted, ridiculed behind your back, ridiculed in front of your face, posting dirty pictures of yourself on the internet, not being able to count, ears bleeding, speaking way too loud, snobbiness, slutiness, and a hopeless fascination with The Jonas Brothers- more specifically, Nick Jonas.
The only way to cure this disease is to realize what a nasty, no-talent whore Miley Cyrus really is, and to burn anything that you own that has anything to do with being a fan of her.
Girl 1: I'm Joanne's friend, so I'm going to have to get her out of being a... Miley Cyrus fan *shudder* She's become such a slut, now. And she listens to her music all the time. Being a fan of her is only okay for kids 6 years younger than her, but for our age, she's never going to make it through life.
Girl 2: *gasp* Sounds like Joanne's got a case of Miley Destiny Hopelessness. It sounds really bad, too. With your support, though, she just might make it through!
Girl 1: Yeah, but if she doesn't, I'll be forced to not be her friend anymore. =(
Girl 2: Don't worry, we won't give up until she's healthy again!
Girl 1: Yeah, let's go burn some Hannah Montana music store standees!
by xTruthxBringerx November 23, 2008
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