A special secret drink that only two people know the definition of. It's sorta like a hot chocolate... but not really so screw you hehe
mmmmmmm... this IS a tasty mile!


Can I have a sip of your mile, please
by a fish January 18, 2006
Miles is charming, sweet, creative and extremely intelligent. He LOVES sharks. He doesn’t like to take risks and can be quick with his temper. He is a very loyal friend and will always fight for what is right. He has a huge heart that he wears on his sleeve. He is a good listener and loves to cuddle. Miles is incredibly handsome and girls are attracted to his beautiful smile and his witty sense of humor. You will always smile when you are with Miles!
Wow, look at that smile! It must be Miles!
by redzippylips January 22, 2013

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