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Funny Tweets, funny videos, and a direct descendant of the Putnam family(G.P. Putnam's Sons). Milburt is a revival of the Satanic Rockefeller bloodline. First appearing in 2011, Milburt has been on a steady rise ever since.
Player 1: Hey, have you ever heard of Milburt?
Player 2: Yes! I read his Tweets and watch his videos every day! They are so funny!
Player 1: Watch them more closely next time...
by A. Weishaupt September 30, 2012
Milburt, the planets most offensive rapper. He enjoys using offensive words like cunt and fuck. A gay rapper, he likes to wear pink v-necks, spandex, and short shorts just to piss other rappers off. People find it hard to understand where he is even coming from but only a long time fan really knows what he's about.
Dude 1: "Have you heard that new Milburt song? It's insane!"

Dude 2: "No, and I don't plan on it... My mom would kill me if she knew I heard another Milburt song."
by Milburt Luther King Jr. February 20, 2012
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