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Meaning military specification, the rifles manufactered by Bushmaster co. meet Mil Spec.

All NATO rounds of ammunition meet Mil Spec.

Basicly anything approved and/or used by the US forces.
Bushmaster rifles must meet Mil Spec in order to be considered as USGI's
by BushmasterBeck July 17, 2006
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A milspeak term in common use in the military and arms industry since at least WWII, now acquiring new connotation

Literally: a contraction of 'Military Specification'; any item produced to satisfy written military contract specifications for that particular item.

1. 'Milspec' was long synonymous with superior design, materials, and construction, and is often still used this way.

2. In common, generally civilian, 'Milspec' is more and more often intended to mean the direct opposite: shoddy products, reflecting the growing perception that anything produce by a government contract supplier is of the lowest possible quality.
1. This thing's totally milspec, almost indestructible!

2. Man my last pair of boots lasted a whole week! Last time I buy that milspec junk!
by sanguinarius guy December 11, 2009
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