Mikey is the bass player for My Chemical Romance. His brother is Gerard Way(the lead singer). He lives on coffee. He has asthma, but he smokes. For a nerd he is pretty hot, but then again I like nerds...
"Ahhhhhhhhhh my inhaler!!"-Mikey way! (He said in an excited voice!)
by alicejane152 August 07, 2005
Bassist for My Chemical Romance. Does not actually have asthma (said so on Fuse. "I don't really have asthma, but I'll still sign your inhalers") No longer wears glasses thanks to Lasik surgery. Brother to Gerard Way. Engaged to Alicia Simmons.
Mikey Way, representing sweet little dudes everywhere!
by Teh Squeakster May 29, 2006
The bassist for MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE...He is the total SMEX! in tight, little, girly emo jeans and a tight anthrax shirt...HE IS THE LOVE!!

He is the younger brother of Gerard Way, the singer and frontman of "MCR"
by Kirstyn July 12, 2005
Hahahahaha! Mikey Way looks like Milky Way....

Anyway... In the band My Chemical Romance and is the lead singer's Gerard Way bro.
Spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch...
by Monique April 22, 2005
Mikey Way, bassit of My Chemical Romance and brother of Gerard Way. He is engaged to Alicia Simmons who played bass for From First To Last and formerly dated Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy. They have matching tattoos on their arms, a heart and the word forever. Contrary to popular beleif Mikey does not have asthma, he has said it himself.
'I don't cheat because I don't have any feelings.'

'Wardrobe malfunction!'

'I'll sign 'em, you bring 'em.'

All quotes of Mikey Way
by Wonder Billie June 30, 2006
Mikey Way is the Bass player for the most amazing and life saving band ever, My Chemical Romance. He is the YOUNGER brother of Gerard Way and came up with the name for the band.He had lasik eye surgery and no longer wears glasses and he suffered a break down during the making of TBP and became depressed, he got help though and now hes all good...Thank god.... because MCR would be nuthin without him! He is married to Alicia Simmons.
Mikey Way is Freaking SEXY!!! i love him to death and he is so talented!....*fangirl moment over*
And... NO.... HE DOES NOT have asthma!
Confused fan: " Mikey Way has asthma thats why he used to never jump on stage"

Me: *Slaps em on the face*
by cookies4everyone June 01, 2007
Michael James Way, aka, Mikey Way. Bass guitarist for my chemical romance. born September 10, 1980, from Newark New Jersey. He is 5'10, very skinny, and nerdy. He is married to Alicia Simmons way. He now lives in Brooklyn with his wife and cats. He is known for being the bassist in my chemical romance and being Gerard Way's younger brother.
Mikey Way is the cutest nerd to ever play bass.
by Alexzandria June 21, 2007

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