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Mike Hughes is a term used for a serial rapist. The term was first coined in southern village of Hythe in Hampshire. A teenager with a Rape to Death ratio (R:D ratio) of 1:0 going by the name of Mike Hughes committed his first attack. It is believed that the original Mike Hughes has now committed over 390 rape attacks in the last 2 years. He is also known for terrible skills of the footballing kind, and a tendency to go 'army' on your ass.
"That girl Becky got Mike Hughes'd last night."
"Damn, you got Mike Hughes'd."
"I'm going to Mike Hughes you."
"That guy is on a right Mike Hughesing spree."
"Whoa, that Yorkshire Ripper guy is nothing on Mike Hughes..."
"Hey, did you see those marks on that girl's arm? Yeah man, I think Mike Hughes got to her..."
#rape #assault #slang #person #army #hythe #hampshire
by Bare lulz May 09, 2010
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