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A contraction of a name (Michael Buble). It is made apparent bypoofy hair and extremely ball gripping jeans. Mik'ls are known to look like the character "Spike Speigel" from the hit T.V show "Cowboy Bepop", and have triangular faces, light acne, dark skin, brown eyes and hair, and tend to do things when their brothers leave the room. For more, see "Mik'l Head".
"Hey, look at Mik'l! His hair is so poofy.!
by Obi Juan Kenobi March 10, 2010
Mikl is the lead vocalist of Brokencyde. He sings the clean vocals. He is selfproclaimed as the "Sex Symbol" of the band.
Mikl is the lead singer of the most amazing band ever!
by Vanessa.BC13 Motherfucker. January 02, 2010

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