A real bitchy Kokiri character in Zelda: Ocarina of Time who picks on Link cuz he had no fairy.
Mido has large red dots on his cheeks for n apparent reason.
by !!!mikayla!!! May 09, 2005
Top Definition
A short word (nickname) for "Mohamed" or "Ahmed" in Arabic, especially, Egyptian Accent.
-Like : Tom for Thomas, etc...-
Johnny:Hi, mido, watcha doin?
Mohamed:Hey Johnny, I'm great thanks, how 'bout you?
by Mido August 06, 2007
A Spanglish saying which means 'me too'. Instead of being forced to say 'Yo Tambien' which literally means 'me too' in spanish, you say 'mi dos' so you don'thave to go through the trouble of explaining what 'Yo Tambien' means. 'Mi Dos' is more apprehendable because the average person knows that 'Dos' means the number 2 in spanish. (If they don't, then they shouldn't be on UD.)
mainly used with great enthusiasm.
friend: I love pancakes!
you: Mi dos!

friend: Matt Damon? No way! I love him!
you: OMG! Mi dos!!
by shannonator February 16, 2009
going to sleep exactly at 12:30 AM EST
Daum Austin you piece of shit I'm about to pull a Mido
by Shamieakamoonshine June 15, 2014
An Egyptian footballer of royal decent who doesn't track back. Always talks of himself in the first person.
Mido not train today.
by thisisthejbone January 13, 2014
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