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Also known as MF. Midnight Fornification is'nt when you have sex at midnight (although it can be done). MF is when your partner (husband,wife, whatever) falls asleep before you do and your feeling really horny so you try having sex w/ them in their sleep or you just wake them up out of a good nights rest because something needs to be rubbed. Something you should ask someone before marrying them. Some people think its weird and disguesting others find it great! :)

how do you feel about this, has it ever happened to you before?

Although I do not think its possible for girls to do this unless they like being fingered.. or there husband has a big nose or something...
Guy 1: "So is Jane into midnight fornication?"

Guy 2: "No and this is why I would never marry her"

Guy 1: "Smart Choice"

Guy 2: "I know right"
by Johnathan Bass August 16, 2008
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