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A school full of wanna be stoners, hipsters, fags, jocks, and all around cunts. They think they are the shit but in reality have very small penises and ugly whores and straight bitches. They try to start fights with River kicks and get dicked on and go home and cry to their homosexual parents. Overall if your kid or friend goes to midlo they will turn out to be a cust, getting ripped off buying shit weed and have no friends and will die alone.
Oh i sold bud to those Midlothian High School fags and i gave them oregano and made 60 bucks for just one gram, what custs.
by realitycheck69 January 10, 2013
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Da best damn high school you ever seen.
Representin Midlo, da whitest school in chestafield mothafuckin county.
Midlothian High School is da dilliest at football.
by clit69 October 03, 2009

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