The name of a sexual act in which two males line up the tips of their penises against each other, after which one male pulls his foreskin over the tip of the other one's to form an air tight seal and cums, thereby forcing his load up the urethra of the other.
I saw some sick shit last night. I peeked into the guest room and saw Bob and Charlie mid-air refueling. Ugh!
by gnadirm June 24, 2009
Top Definition
Mid-air Refueling is the act of space docking with the added bonus of diarrhea.

This is not true space docking, because the act resembles a refueling aircraft passing fuel to the other. A vaccuum seal is essential to success and cleanliness.
Tubgirl is bad at mid-air refueling.
by Teddddddddy December 12, 2006
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