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A 'Microsoftian' view is one that only supports what is already desired; disingenuous and pretentious at the same time.

Can be applied outside Microsoft discussions.

Slang, offensive.

See also 'formwhoring'.
"Please select which program you use for office documents:
A Microsoft Office 2000
B Microsoft Office 97
C Microsoft Office Pro
D Microsoft ...
E Microsoft ...
F Microsoft ...
G Microsoft ..."

('Microsoftian' in that you can only choose 'Microsoft' from the list. This list does not allow users to select 'Star Office', 'Open Office', 'Applixware', etc., all of which are office software suites that are in current use but are also NOT Microsoft software.)


"He said he wanted Chinese take out, but his Microsoftian demeanor during discussions left us no choice but to get italian take-out."
by mmmna September 09, 2007
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