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The study of things organisms that rule the world. these things will kill you. its likely that a degree in this field will get you tons of hot chicks, a sweet motorcycle and a demeanor similar to Hugh laurie's from house. Getting into this field is like joining a street gang. blood in, blood out.
As in, "microbiology is too hard, i'm gonna switch to biology. Damn! biology is to hard too. I guess ill just get a business degree and be another mindless drone."

That guy I slept with last night, flew me to seattle in his private jet, then took me up to his penthouse. His cock was so big, he must have been a microbiologist
by jim townsend February 04, 2010
The study of bacteria and shit. Biology that sucks.
I have to go to microbiology today. It sucks.
by Kellie Jo February 11, 2009