A good university in East Lansing Michigan with lots of chicks (nice). But the pricks aren't so nice and they out-number the chicks 10 to 1. They are the most unbearable fans in college sports. Many of them are wanna be drunks who puke it up after smoking a joint. Oh and you may own UM in Basketball, but the football counts the most! That's 4 in a row lost to Michigan now!
Parody of the Michigan State fight song;

Puke your beer up,
beat your girl.
Set you couch on fire!
Smoke a joint,
and tip cop cars.
It's time to riot in East Lansing!

Choke on tear gas,
go to jail.
You're gonna loose it's true.
Fight Fight Rah Team Fight,
victory for Maze and Blue!
by steve October 06, 2005
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