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While having unplanned anal sex in the dark, (person) 1, rides (person) 2's penis and if 2's penis happens to come out, 1 places it back into his/her own anal cavity and resumes the activity with 1's hands on 2's chest, neck, and/or arms. When the activity has finished and the light comes back on, both parties will find that bowel excrement has been smeared all over 2's chest, neck, and/or arms.
Dude, me and my boyfriend had anal sex last night and i forgot to clean out my ass. His dick popped out and i put it back in, and i had gone to choke him cause he gets off on that. When we were done i turned on the lights and he had shit all over his neck!! He told me i gave him a Michigan Pap Smear.
by AnimalGinn666 June 02, 2010

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