Pop singer who is talented vocally, but not a particularly good composer.

Music is not great, but being from the Southwest(specifically Arizona) automatically classifies her in the awesome column.

Grew up in Sedona, AZ, where she used to babysit for my friend, the 8or.
Michelle Branch sings so good, to bad her music is crappy "guitar pop".

Me: Did you see hear the new Michelle Branch album?
J: Yeah...it sucked ass, just like all her music.
Me: How naive are you? Don`t you see? The point is not the quality of the music. Rather, what matters is that she is from the Southwest. THAT is true talent.
J: Being from the Southwest takes talent?
Me: Of course. Haven`t you checked out the heat?

Michelle used to baby sit and do local gigs in Sedona.
by tanukisanyo May 18, 2005
a singer-songwriter who used to be good but married an old man, had a baby and dropped of the face of the earth. forgot all about her fans.
thumbs DOWN michelle.
and there are more guitar chords than G D and Am.
Lots of people compare her to Vanessa Carlton. But Vanessa is better.
Michelle Branch? Didn't she sing A Thousand Miles and All You Wanted? What ever happened to her, anyway?
by anonymuz November 08, 2005
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