Top Definition
Very attractive woman who currently hosts Sports Nation on ESPN.
That girl is almost as hot as Michelle Beadle!
by adri0801 December 30, 2009
Better than Colin Cowherd.
Best host on Sportsnation.
Best Bowling player ever.
Texas Longhorn. Hook Em Horns
And the originator of the the well known name Akron Hammer.
"Hey" thats Michelle Beadle. Yeah, the originator of Akron Hammer.Wow shes a beast.
by SeattleMariner5 December 24, 2009
Incredibly hot co host of the espn show sportsnation really really hot
Guy 1-Hey man you watch Sportsnation.

Guy 2-Yeah Colin's cool, but Michelle Beadle is HOT!

Guy 1-So hot
by drew10796 April 01, 2010
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