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Also see towel
Person 1: I'm about to take a shower, can you grab me a Michelle to dry off with when I finish?

Person 2: I sure can!
by thekingsofresh February 18, 2013
8 11
Some bitch who enjoys sleeping with other people's boyfriends because she's too much of a chubby slut to find one for herself.
"Damn, that chubby slut, I bet her name is Michelle."
by TheRed08 February 10, 2014
0 5
She's a good girl. Loves her momma. Loves Jesus and America too. She's a good girl, crazy 'bout Elvis. Loves horses -but not her boyfriend anymore.

She is way too good for guys named Bryan and their stupid mind games. She's a brunette bombshell that has better things to do with her time then sit around and wait for his call.
Hey, is that Michelle over there?" " Yea, Dude ... I've been checking her out all night.
by dontfckwithmylittlesister April 06, 2011
23 28
A dirty slut that can't hold her liquor. She will make out with you and then plaster you with puke.
Man I took this chick to the bar and after a few drinks she went all Michelle on me , I smelled like puke for hours.
by seymore buns November 05, 2013
1 11
shes a attention whore who's a total pot-head any gets around with the guys in town and starts facebook drama all of the time because she has no life your parents normally wouldn't like her
"that girl is acting like michelle"
"what dramaa"
by Sexychica1472@ January 20, 2013
5 40
A girl who smokes in the bathroom and thinks it is very cool.
hi im michelle i just had a drag in the bathroom cause im cool like that yo bro
by des dungo March 14, 2012
6 42
The best drinking buddy ever, will drink till she forgets and will drink more. Very tall with crazy curly brown hair.
that girl drinks like a Michelle
by The K-ster February 03, 2010
62 101
Michelle loves every jack, as soon as a michelle meets a jack she is instantly in love with him.
Jack :Hi I'm Jack!

Michelle: <3
by michellefact101 July 07, 2011
15 57