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A stunningly handsome young chap that dazzles women with his grace and charm... This guy pisses excellence... He once scored 6 touchdowns in one game in pop warner football.. His athleticism and raw power makes him a man amongst children in the sports world... He took first in all 7 fantasy baseball leagues in 1997.. He is a well oiled machine that you wouldn't want to piss off because one glare from this exceptional human being could prove fatal, hes that good-looking.. In conclusion, if you ever meet Michael Cooper, you should ask him for his autograph because its worth a lot more coin than yours is...
I saw Michael Cooper at the mall yesterday and I fainted because he's even hotter in person than on t.v.

I busted a Michael Cooper and had the best game of my life!
by Harry Setanuts February 04, 2010
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