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A Michael Potato Head is a closeted, chubby, bald and self-loathing potato who allegedly has ED problems. When it comes to being a two faced, Michael takes the cake. Michael Potato Head's biggest issue, is he LACKS a true sense of self. He tends to be delusional and an angry potato most of the time, which is likely a self-defense mechanism in order to cope. Michael Potato Head and the truth mix like oil and water. Michael Potato Head is such a douche, that any girl that has ever been duped into a relationship with the dope, ends up upgrading when they meet someone else.
Marie - One of these days I'm going to have the finances to get out of this horrible relationship with Michael Potato Head...get this, he actually borrows money from his mother, who he bad mouths all the time, to pay our landlord the rent, and all because he spends our money ment for rent on his marijuana, booze, and golfing habits!

Karen - The writing is on the wall, Marie, you need to dump Michael Potato Head and upgrade. It's bad enough your sex life is horrible, you shouldn't be broke too. What did we learn today?

Marie - I need to upgrade my situation, and ASAP. You're the best, Karen. :)
by DoYouLikeApples July 16, 2010
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