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Having a Michael moment. Caused by MJs death getting over exposure in the media.

When you catch yourself or someone else singing or using a frase from one of Michael Jacksons songs or doing the moonwalk.
"I was doing the moonwalk on the street earlier. Dude I was having a total Michael Moment."

"I could hear my sis sing Billy Jean in the shower this morning. She suffers from Micheal Moments constantly."

"Don't blame it on the moonlight, don't blame it on the sunshine, blame it on the boogie..."

It is likely that you will have your own Michael moment after reading this.
by Mirandaja June 28, 2009

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A moment in your life when/where Michael Jackson had an effect on you.
My Michael Moment is when i froze for a coupla seconds after watching his famous moonwalk for the first time & i tried to imitate it. It made me say is definying gravity? Did he really just do that?
by Likcwhoaa July 07, 2009