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Someone who looks Chinese, but isn't actually.
Nick: "Hey Mike...Michael Ly!"

Mike: "I'm behind you, idiot."

Nick: "Oh, sorry. Anyway, can you help me out with this Chinese book I have? I'm stuck on this word-"

Mike: "I can't really speak Chinese, sorry."

Nick: " don't know any Chinese? Your own mother/ father-speaking, native language which founded your heritage and the culture of your ancestors?!"

Mike: "Yeah, I don't actually know."

Nick: "So I could call you a tóng xìng and you wouldn't have any fucking clue would you?"

Mike: "No. I am ashamed of myself."

Nick: "That's right. Now go and sit in the corner you tóng xìng. And while you're there, you can cry for me...yes, cry...cry for me!"

Mike: *cries*

Nick: "Cry louder!"

Mikes: *cries more, then takes Samurai sword and performs Harikiri* (this is technically Japanese but we know that Chinese and Japanese are the same thing).
by 1nyro January 24, 2009
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