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Michael J. Fox is a famous actor with Parkinson's disease, which causes uncontrollable tremors. Imagine the struggles Michael J. Fox faces on a daily basis while trying to pour a glass of orange juice or pour milk over his cereal - this is the essence of what it means to "Michael J" something.

Michael J'ing is when you miserably fail at performing an action that requires a basic level of physical adeptness/dexterity, and usually results in the catastrophic destruction of an important item, or project.
Frank: Hey, Jimbob, be careful carrying two bowls at once you don't want to dr-
*drops bowls of stew all over freshly cleaned carpet*
Jimbob: Woops
Frank: God dammit, Jimbob, you michael j'd the fuck out of my carpet! I just cleaned this shit!
by chronowarp January 10, 2014

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