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Mad hot blonde girls whos ass is the perfect size. Her curves ae in all the right places. Shes got all the guys she could ever want and every guy that sees her wants her like mad. Shes got a great personality but an even better body.
You see micayla last night? She looked hotter than ever.
by miclovin December 30, 2009
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1-a young girl about 5'4 with a nice smile and all the boys wanna jump on her ass and bump her rump. <3

2-a term used when referring to a super hot babe.
1-ex: Person one: did you see that girl? She's a total MiCayla!

2-ex: hey, you see that MiCayla over there ? Yea, I'd flog my log to that grade A fine ass pieCe of meat. Werd, bra.
by ZebraQueen-n_n August 27, 2008
First off, if you EVER see a Micayla you need to run, they have short tempers and will attack you with the catipillar on their lip in a second. It's actually better than most guys mustaches! They sound like a dying moose when they talk, so plug your ears. Also, they tend to look similar to a troll. Micaylas travel in herds of all kinds of species, including whores, sluts, bitches, shit-talkers, and fakes. Micaylas are also HUGE flirts. She may have a boyfriend, but she's always thinking about getting with someone else. Micaylas also have a unique way of walking, so you'll be able to spot them out easily. It kind of looks like someone shoved a stick up their ass and can't get it out. So if you ever see a Micayla, ask if they need help getting that stick out their ass and tell them to move on ;]
Micayla: Somone help me get this stick out my ass! I can't walk right! And can somone shave my lip?
by I'm the shit. December 28, 2009

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