Mic-out is the act of a musician or singer to constantly keep the microphone right on the tip of their lips, usually throughout an entire performance. The act usually appears as if the singer is making out with the microphone, giving it lip and tongue, instead of singing to the target audience.
Guy One: Dude, were you their at the concert last night?
Guy Two: Yeah, man. Music was awesome, but the singer wouldn't quit with the mic-out.
Guy One: Dudy, yeah. Kept on huffing and puffing on the mic as if he was blowin' it!

or youtube "ryan adams on letterman" the best example ever!!!!!!!
by YikkerYakker February 28, 2010
Top Definition
The act of saying something (generally profound) into a microphone, extending one's arm, and dropping the microphone to the ground from shoulder level.

The act is sometimes accompanied by the phrase "I'm out.", which is occasionally proceeded with a "Fuck this." or "Fuck all y'all."
You should totally get up there, give those assholes what for and just fucking mic out, bro.
by kaebot October 13, 2010
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