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People(usualy kids) who forget to take off their mic before they start yelling at people at their house, like telling their mom to make them a sandwitch or telling their friends to shut up and there are many other things they yell. Sometimes they might even have a large arguement with one or more of their parents. Everybody who plays XBOX 360 or PS3 (not Wii cause for the main reason, it sucks) will know what I am talking about because it happens at least once in their gaming career.
MS-MOM! Make me a sandwitch! What! I don't know ham and cheese!
Kid1-turn off your mic and play the game
MS-..........I'll get it!!
Kid2-get what?
Kid1-omg get off the phone
MS-MOM! It's Miss. Mclocklin!!
MS=Mic Screamers
Kid2-Im backing out I am done of this bull shit
by Deaf 3227 November 25, 2009
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