A fictional relationship between actor Darren Criss and television producer Mia Swier based purely on the idea that a male and a female can't be seen together without white girls assuming they're dating.

(Other terms: Dia Swiss)
White girl 1: Oh my god, did you see Darren Criss with that girl Mia?
White girl 2: Oh my god, yes! They're totes dating and they're going to have 18 babies because Miarren is 5-eva!!!11!!
White girl 1: Samesies!
by Somebody U used 2 know January 12, 2013
The rumored relationship between Darren Criss (singer and actor; Glee/StarKid) and Mia Swier (Mad Moon Riot). They are said to have been dating for around 4 years, though nothing has ever been confirmed.
1#: Look at that picture of Darren and Mia at the Guns n' Hoses show, isn't he cute?
2#: Oh yeah, I really think that Miarren is on.

1#: Definitely!
by grumpybadger April 04, 2013
The couple/ship name for the romantic relationship between Darren Criss and his girlfriend Mia Swier.
interviewer: your girlfriend's beautiful
Darren Criss: yeah, she is
miarren shippers/supporters: aww
by rumbelle December 29, 2013

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